Category: Cosmology

November 28, 2019 / Astrophysics
November 20, 2019 / Astrophysics

An instrument on the International Space Station that can help us understand more about antimatter is getting an upgrade, and we review that old sci-fi staple: the wormhole. Somehow we manage to do this without…

November 14, 2019 / Black Holes
October 24, 2019 / Cosmology

The astroquarks are joined by Dr. Renee Weber from NASA’s Mars Insight mission to bring us the skinny on that spacecraft’s mole’s struggles to burrow into Mars. We also check in on polluted white dwarf…

October 15, 2019 / Astrophysics

The astroquarks are joined by Dr. Adam Burgasser from the Cool Star Lab at the University of California San Diego to talk about the mysterious members of the astrophysical menagerie that lie between planets and…

October 15, 2019 / Astrophysics