Philae Mignon!

Josh, Addie and Tracy welcome Jürgen Blum from the University of Braunschweig to discuss the exciting landing of the ESA Philae probe on the comet 67/P Churyomov-Gerasimenko. Philae, carried to the comet by the ESA probe Rosetta, is the first spacecraft to land on a comet. In addition to revealing the secrets of the universe, it will also tell us whether the comet depiction in the classic film “Deep Impact” was merely great or the greatest ever.

2 thoughts on “Philae Mignon!”

  1. Just dicovered your podcasts on libsyn .
    Great content BUT the libsyn web page image is a real problem. The image is displayed at a truely MASSIVE size making the page almost unreadable and thereby giving a very poor impression to the potential reader.
    Hope this feedback is useful and that you can make the image display in a more user friendly manner.

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